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Who We Are

OOPSpam team is led by two.👋


Onar has done academic research and development on cybersecurity and its applications in Sapienza Università di Roma. He was part of a team working on major cybersecurity projects like PANOPTESEC Project which is funded by the European Commission. Onar is the founder, engineer at OOPSpam.


Daniella has over 10 years of experience as an art director. She’s developed branding systems across the board from a massive Cat Video Festival to SaaS products, and is a published illustrator. Danielle is a visual designer and copywriter at OOPSpam.

The Story, Vision & Privacy

The project started as part of academic research in 2017, Italy. The same year, We published it with online communities. Our goal was, and still is, to have an anti-spam solution which respects people’s privacy while providing high accuracy. Some of the users reached out to us and asked for more features, wanting to support the project. So, we started working on a commercial version and made it live in May 2019. Now, we work on it full-time, protecting thousands of websites from spam every day.

We are committed to keeping OOPSpam simple, privacy-friendly, and accurate. As an independent and bootstrapped company, we have no horse in the ad-tech, data-harvesting industry. We avoid doing unethical marketing practices. Our main channels to get customers are word of mouth and engaging with the communities on different platforms. We are intent to keep it this way.

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