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No more accessibility issues.
Higher conversion rate.

Make your website accessible for everyone. OOPSpam works in your backend and never interacts with your visitors. Increase conversion rate and keep your visitors happy.

Privacy-friendly anti-spam API

We are GDPR-compliant. That means you are too. We respect your and your website visitors' privacy. We don't keep logs by default. OOPSpam Anti-Spam asks only for minimal data while providing high accuracy.
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The same feature you like and more

Just like reCAPTCHA, OOPSpam returns Spam Score and so that you have more control over your spam protection. Arrange your spam filtering sensitive level to avoid missed opportunities. You could also filter messages by country and language.

Detailed spam report

Unlike reCAPTCHA where the only response you get is Score, OOPSpam Anti-Spam sends you a detailed report so that you know why you got that Spam Score.
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Spam Protection for your WordPress websites

Are you looking for integration with WordPress?

We got you covered. We do have a WordPress plugin. Increase your website performance as no need to load any script or show any badge on your website.

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