Introducing: Domain Reputation Watch

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Our team has been working on something great and we’re excited to share with you. Introducing: Domain Reputation Watch.

Free for all paid plans!

Add your (or your clients’) domains to our Domain Reputation Watch (located in your dashboard) to be monitored by OOPSpam for their reputation according to all major browsers, search engines and more. We run our comprehensive checks weekly and let you know by email if any of them are flagged as blocked.

Domain Reputation Watch on OOPSpam dashboard

Why is this so valuable? Keep reading!

Why are domains blocked?

The most common reasons are:

Sometimes your emails are going to spam while you are not even aware. Or perhaps visitors to your website see a red warning by a browser. Your website may be hacked, potentially discreetly, distributing a malware.

These cases are detected by browsers and the information is distributed across major providers. In order to protect the public, the domain is blocked.

Due to various reasons (we listed above) a search engine, e-mail service or browser may deem a domain to be dangerous or malicious (ie. spam!). This means any content connected to this domain may:

How to monitor your domain reputation

Add domain in Domain Reputation Watch on OOPSpam dashboard

To start using Domain Reputation Watch, simply go to the page in your dashboard and click the yellow button to ‘Add domain’.

The feature is free for all paid plans, with varying allotted number of domains per plan.

Every Monday we run our checks and you will get a notification e-mail only if one of your domains are flagged as ‘blocked’.

You will be able to understand in more detail why the domain in blocked so you can see how you may remedy the situation.

A cocktail of unique measurements means cutting edge spam protection.

Since our launch in 2017 we’ve been perfecting our API to be the trusted option for small businesses to enterprise— and continue to stick to our values of being the accessibility and privacy-friendly option. Give us a shot!

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