Common reCAPTCHA Errors And How To Solve Them

Getting errors with reCAPTCHA can be frustrating. However, don’t worry! This guide will walk you through the most common issues users face with reCAPTCHA and provide simple solutions to troubleshoot them quickly. Whether you’re integrating reCAPTCHA into your website or encountering errors during usage, this article will help you navigate through them smoothly. Let’s dive in and solve those pesky reCAPTCHA errors together!

Invalid site key

Here are some reasons why you may be seeing this error:


Blocked a frame with origin from accessing a cross-origin frame


Localhost is not in the list of supported domains

This is self-explanatory. If you run your website locally, reCAPTCHA won’t work because it doesn’t support localhost. If you want to enable it, you need to add it (e.g., locahost, under Domains in the admin console.

reCAPTCHA Domains

reCAPTCHA has already been rendered in this element

Check to see if you are loading reCAPTCHA twice. This is a common issue with CMS solutions where you may have different form builders and you have enabled reCAPTCHA on two different solutions. In WordPress, if two different form builder plugins try to load reCAPTCHA, it will cause a script conflict and neither reCAPTCHA will work.

If you load reCAPTCHA scripts twice, you may also see these errors:

reCAPTCHA Rendered error

No CAPTCHA, no error solution?

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