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Popular use cases

OOPSpam protects you from spam & abuse attacks on any text-based online communication.

Fight spam the smart way

Up-to-date AI model and a cocktail of unique measurements to fight spam before it reaches you. It learns and adapts to your use case automatically with 99.99% accuracy.
“We strongly recommend OOPSpam for anyone who values their time and resources.”

Vu Nguyen
Founder of Nilead

Your data is yours

Most spam detection relies on user tracking and/or using your customers’ data without their consent.

OOPSpam works differently and is able to maintain its high accuracy without storing or using data.

“It’s extremely effective and fully built for privacy and GDPR compliant.”

Peter Wise
Owner of Square Candy Design

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Prevent spam attacks without sacrificing accessibility

Say goodbye to puzzles and UX roadblocks which negatively affect your conversions. OOPSpam is your server-side solution.

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Never miss an opportunity

Weeding out spam attacks from legit communications is timely and prone to human error. Never worry again about missing legitimate inquiries.

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“Very responsive support and dev team.” logo
5 stars

“We strongly recommend OOPSpam for anyone who values their time and resources.”

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5 stars

“All the spam emails getting through reCAPTCHA and CAPTCHA have now stopped.”

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Block millions of malicious emails and IPs

Automatically detect and prevent malicious email addresses and IPs using our daily updated extensive database.

Block fake and malicious email addresses

Block malicious IPs

“It catches spam like a champ, way better than most others I’ve tried.”

Eric Husted
Director of Creative Services

Receive messages only from your target audience

Quickly block countries or stop messages in other languages to focus on your relevant market.
“It’s eliminated all spam, and even the need for CAPTCHA.”

Start in minutes

Works out of box with options to customize if you choose.

“Setup is a quick minute or so per website and you’re good to go. Consider the time you need to setup something like Cloudflare Turnstile or Google captcha, and with these solutions you don’t even have a decent log file.”

Keith Schorah

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3 months
Processed within 1 week
Email Support
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6 months
Processed within 72 hours
Priority Email Support
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Processed within 24 hours
Priority Email + Call Support

Just need less than 15K API calls? Contact us for our Starter plan.

We’re here for you 24/7 with world-class customer support.

We can’t do it without our wonderful customers!

“…any time I have any sort of issue, the response time from the oops team is immediate and they always fix the problem or answer my questions.” @winter1
Customer support great as well, contacted and received email back within 30 minutes on a weekend! @datacram
This is a great plugin with a very responsive and knowledgeable support team. I emailed them yesterday with a kind of obscure WooCommerce feature request and they had a fix deployed within 12 hours. @squarecandy
…“the support team was so amazing, the response time was immediate and the issue was solved instantly.” @viv18germany

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the API calls per month or per year?

The API call limit in each plan is monthly.

Is a request to the OOPSpam API logged?

Not by default, but you can enable it. For API users, add the "logIt" parameter to a request body. Learn more about this here.

Is OOPSpam GDPR compliant?

OOPSpam itself as an API is GDPR compliant. It does not store any data, so there is no data to identify or track a user. Read more in the GDPR Notice and Data Processing Agreement.

Do you have a WordPress plugin?

Yes! Here you go: OOPSpam WordPress plugin.

Can I use one key for multiple websites?

Yes. Once you have a key, you can use it in our WordPress plugin as well as on any other platforms.

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