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Cutting edge spam protection utilizing machine learning and a cocktail of unique measurements to safeguard your WordPress websites.

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OOPSpam helps keep millions of businesses free of spam every day


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No missed opportunities

The OOPSpam WordPress plugin is powered by OOPSpam API that has caught over 1B+ spam to date. You're protected from both human and bot spammers with high accuracy detection.
" It’s eliminated all spam, and even the need for Captcha."
by @gotmick

Protect as many websites as you want, at no extra cost

All plans come with unlimited websites. Running an agency with multiple websites? Use one API key for all your websites.
" Pricing is perfect for agencies as they do tiers by actual # of API calls and no limit on the number of sites you can install this on. Most competitors we were looking at had per-site license structures that were not going to work for us. "
by @squarecandy
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Lightweight, privacy and accessibility friendly

No impact on website speed, no puzzles to solve, no data collection.
"... I’m very happy with the usable data and tools provided to me. It’s eliminated all spam, and even the need for Captcha. I like being able to solve my own problems, and I’ve learned a lot about spam control since installing this! "
by @gotmick

Keep logs wherever you like

OOPSpam doesn't keep logs by default. All the logs are stored in your WordPress database.
Would you like to see all your websites' logs in a centralized place? Enable the Log submissions to OOPSpam setting in the plugin settings and monitor logs in the OOPSpam dashboard.

Packed with features

OOPSpam WordPress plugin works out of the box, but if you need more protection, we got you covered.
  • Block or allow by country
  • Block by language
  • Do not analyze IP addresses
  • Do not analyze Email addresses
  • Remove sensitive information from messages
  • ... and more
" With OOPSpam you get just the options you need, no more, no less. "
by @adkoen

...and if you need us, we are here for you 24/7

Things happen! We pride ourselves on providing world-class customer support!
" .. any time I have any sort of issue, the response time from the oops team is immediate and they always fix the problem or answer my questions. "
by @winter1

Simple, transparent pricing.

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3 months
Processed within 1 week
Email Support
/mo, billed yearly

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6 months
Processed within 72 hours
Priority Email Support
/mo, billed yearly

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1 year
Processed within 24 hours
Priority Email + Call Support

Just need less than 15K API calls? Contact us for our Starter plan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does the OOPSpam WordPress plugin support the Form Builder plugin I use?

It supports most of the popular contact form builders. See the full list.

How do I configure the OOPSpam WordPress plugin?

Check out the Configuration page on the knowledge base.

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