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Faster website

OOPSpam doesn't inject any JavaScript files or use any cookies on your website. It works on your server, away from users. You get all the benefits with 0% impact on your website performance.

Take control with Spam Score

Have you had a legitimate submission detected as spam by CleanTalk?

OOPSpam is a score-based spam filter. Each submission on your website will receive a spam score. Control the spam filter with the Sensitivity level to avoid missing out on possibilities.

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Handle everything without leaving your WordPress dashboard

All settings & tools are in one place.

Our WordPress plugin comes with everything you need to view, report, filter, and set up your spam protection.

Privacy-friendly spam filtering API

The OOPSpam WordPress plugin is powered by the privacy-first OOPSpam API. We don't store or see your data. All form and comment submissions are stored in your WordPress database.
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We reply fast. Contact us for any questions or concerns.

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