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API for non-WordPress sites
WordPress plugin

False positives managed

on your WordPress dashboard on CleanTalk's dashboard
Unlimited websites $49/mo $25/mo
Spam Score
Detailed spam report
Spam filtering by country
Spam filtering by language
Domain Reputation Check
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What People Are Saying

Charles | source

We’ve had a tough time dealing with spam since putting up an Elementor based Contact form. OOPSpam worked out of the box – so well, that we blew past the 40/requests/month limit on the Free account within a day.

adkoen | source

With OOPSpam you get just the options you need, no more, no less. With Cleantalk it’s a long page full of options. And honestly, I’m just looking for something that just works. OOPSpam has a great log right in the admin area of your website. In case of any false positive or negative, you can report it directly from the log.

websolplus | source

It’s eliminated all spam, and even the need for Captcha. I like being able to solve my own problems, and I’ve learned a lot about spam control since installing this! Great plugin, highly recommend.

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Faster website, lightweight plugin

OOPSpam doesn't inject any JavaScript files or use any cookies on your website. It works on your server, away from the users. You get all the benefits with 0% impact on your website performance.

Take control with Spam Score

Have you had a legitimate message flagged as spam by CleanTalk?

OOPSpam is a score-based spam filter. It assigns a spam score to each submission to forms. Control the spam filter with the sensitivity level to avoid missing opportunities.

Spam Score response of OOPSpam Anti-Spam
OOPSpam WordPress Plugin screenshot

Do it all without leaving your WordPress dashboard

All your settings & tools are in one place; your WordPress dashboard.

Everything you need to view, report, filter and set up your spam protection is included in ur WordPress plugin.

Privacy-friendly spam filtering API

The OOPSpam WordPress plugin is powered by the privacy-first OOPSpam API. We don't store or see any of your data. All form and comment submissions are stored in your WordPress database.
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24/7 customer support

We reply fast. Contact us with any questions or concerns.

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