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What People Are Saying

nahnufitness | source

I signed up for a test and joined a paid program right away. All the spam emails getting through reCaptcha and Captcha have now stopped. Loved how easy it was to work with Elementor Forms.

squarecandy | source

This is a great plugin with a very responsive and knowledgable support team. Works well for default comment fields, WPForms and WooCommerce. Has some other integrations but those are the ones we tried. If you have any doubts, just go back into your logs of spam that slipped through reCAPTCHA and Akismet and a honeypot… pick a message and enter the data on the app.oopspam.com dashboard you can edit the test data right there and it will show you what spam score their system would give that message.

tageins | source

This tool works out of the box. I used it to replace reCaptcha, which is not working according to data protection laws in Germany. It is very easy to handle and install, you don’t need to add fields etc. to your forms. The free version lets you have a look at the efficiency of the tool. Works perfectly with different forms like Elementor, Formidable etc.

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No more accessibility issues.
Higher conversion rate.

Make your website accessible for everyone. OOPSpam works in your backend and never interacts with your visitors. Increase conversion rate and keep your visitors happy.

Privacy-friendly anti-spam API

We are GDPR-compliant. That means you are too. We respect your and your website visitors' privacy. We don't keep logs by default. OOPSpam Anti-Spam asks only for minimal data while providing high accuracy.
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Spam Score response of OOPSpam Anti-Spam

The same feature you like and more

Just like hCaptcha, OOPSpam returns a spam score, giving you more control over your spam protection. Set the spam sensitivity level to avoid missed opportunities. You can also block messages by country and language. All this and more without your visitors having to solve a puzzle.

Detailed spam report

Unlike hCaptcha where the only response you get is Score, OOPSpam Anti-Spam sends you a detailed report so that you know why you got that Spam Score.
OOPSpam Score and Details example response
OOPSpam WordPress Plugin screenshot

Spam Protection for your WordPress websites

Looking for WordPress integration?

We have your back. Check out our WordPress plugin. Increase the performance of your website by not having to load any script or display any badge on your website.

24/7 customer support

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