[Announcement] OOPSpam Anti-Spam WordPress Plugin is here

OOPSpam Anti-Spam WordPress Plugin

Recently, we finally published OOPSpam Anti-Spam WordPress Plugin in the marketplace. In this initial version, the main goal was to keep it simple. So there are not many configurations. The only setting you have to concern is to get a key. Once you have a key you can use it either with this plugin or on any other custom integration on many websites.

The plugin is a great alternative for Akismet. Unlike Akismet, we don’t ask for the different key for multiple websites. Moreover, we don’t only utilize spam words, blacklisted IPs lists but also modern approaches such as machine learning algorithms and custom rules. The plugin provides Spam Score instead of simply spam or ham (not spam). Spam Score is a powerful output provided by OOPSpam Anti-Spam API since it means a user can easily adjust the sensitivity level of spam detection. While this feature can be used on custom integration, in the future we are going to provide a sensitive level setting for WordPress plugin users as well.

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