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Which measurements power OOPSpam Anti-Spam API?

Spam score

Machine Learning models

Multiple blocklisted IPs lists

Language outlier detection algorithm

Advanced content analysis

Spam word pattern detection

Country Restrictions

... and many more custom rules.

An illustration on how OOPSpam Anti-Spam API detects spam.

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No data stored, no user exploited. OOPSpam is GDPR compliant.

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Peter Bethke @
After looking at several APIs for spam detection, we decided on OOPSpam and have not regretted that decision. The API is well documented, fast, and the developer has been very responsive and proactive. Highly recommended.

Simple, transparent pricing.

20,000 API Calls
Unlimited Integration
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40,000 API Calls
Unlimited Integration
Priority E-mail Support
100,000 API Calls
Unlimited Integration
Direct access to the API
Priority E-mail Support
More API Calls
Unlimited Integration
Direct access to the API
Private Managed Server (US & EU)
Priority E-mail &
Phone/Slack Support

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Vu Nguyen @
We tried various methods including but not limited to Captcha, Honeypot, ... but there were still a number of spam messages that got passed our system. We found OOPSpam and started using it from the early day, and has helped us (and our clients) to flag many spam messages correctly. The support is very responsive to our requests and feedback. We strongly recommend OOPSpam for anyone who values their time and resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does OOPSpam API work?

OOPSpam API uses many different measurements to determine what seems to be spam and what does not. This includes multiple outputs from Machine Learning algorithms, up-to-date blocklisted IPs lists, spam words, and many more custom rules. The user (you!) directs their content to run through OOPSpam API and will get a Spam Score. This score gives you control for how conservative or liberal you would like to mark as spam.

Why do you provide a Spam Score instead of giving a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’?

Because in the real world, things are not black and white (or in this case, green and red)! What might be the best solution for one client could look very different than the next. We’ll give an example. Say you are a travel website offering high end tour packages. You unfortunately get a lot of spam in your contact form, but it’s also the biggest conversion tool you have. In this case, since missing a ‘real’ message would mean missing out on large amounts of money, you would want to be more liberal on what content you accept. On the other hand, if you have a travel blog where comments are nice to get but more inconsequential, you might want to be more conservative on what comments you accept so you don’t need to spend lots of time combing through potential real comments. We decided to provide this spam score as a way to give developers and website managers more control and ability to create something more custom to ‘WOW’ their clients .

What does the Spam Score look like?

The API will return Spam Score which will be a number between 0 to 6. Besides Spam Score, It will also contain other details. It is up to you to decide your threshold based on Spam Score. Usually, a score 3 or above can be considered as spam.

Is a request to OOPSpam API stored?

We don’t have or store your data in our database, however it does run through RapidAPI. Sometimes a customer may contact us to further analyze a request- this is possible on our end by accessing the requested data through the RapidAPI Dashboard. We do not and will not process your data in any other way. You can access OOPSpam Anti-Spam API directly without RapidAPI. (contact us via for this)

Is OOPSpam GDPR compliant?

OOPSpam itself as an API is GDPR compliant. It does not store any data, so there is no data to identify or track a user. You can access OOPSpam Anti-Spam API directly without RapidAPI. (contact us via for this)

If you choose to access our API via RapidAPI then every request through RapidAPI is stored on the RapidAPI side which users (in this scenario, you) can see on their dashboard. This data is also available to us through a similar dashboard where we can only view but cannot retrieve them. On a rare occasion when an API user reports misdetection we analyze the reported data and improve detection.

Direct access to the API instead of RapidAPI?

Sure! Just contact us via for a direct access and you will be up & running within a day.

Is there a discount for non-profits?

Yes, there is! If your company is a non-profit, we offer a 20% discount on all monthly plans. Please via and we’ll get back to you.

Can I use one key for multiple websites?

Yes. Once you have a key, you can use it in our WordPress plugin as well as on any other platforms.

How to get a key?

RapidAPI marketplace handles OOPSpam Anti-Spam API's key generation. The only thing you have to do is go to our page on RapidAPI and subscribe to one of the pricing plans. You can learn more about how to subscribe and consume an API in Basics - Your First API Call article.

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